Thursday, April 19, 2012

Studio Clutter Reaches Critical Mass

This should make anyone who feels guilty about an untidy craft area feel better.  Because compared to my studio lately, I don't think anyone could possibly have a messier space without being featured on one of those hoarder reality shows.

When I got home from work today, I went out to look for a book and realized that I couldn't walk across either room without climbing over piles of stuff.  No wonder I can't get anything done.  Between not putting things away when I use them, getting out tubs of yarn to search through my stash, or adding to the stash without having a place to put new stuff, it's gotten totally out of control.  Not to mention the stuff in the guest room.  And the den.

I spent an hour this evening (all I could stand) putting stuff away where it belongs.  And have promised myself to spend a few minutes a day at this until I'm done. On the plus side, I became reacquainted with a lot of yarn I had completely forgotten I had,  and got a few ideas for projects to use up some of the stash.  Have to make room -- Convergence is just around the corner!

To shame myself into keeping my promise, I present the before pictures of my studio.  Now I will have to keep at it  until I can post the after photos.

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  1. Wow, I thought I was the only person with rooms like that. Mine look a little bit better, but thats because I don't work any more. Could have been even worse then he Your collection of woolen things look like mine. Looks like you're having fun with wool. My problem is always, where shall I start, en when I finally start with the mess, I find some nice wool or a little knitting machine and i find myself back carding or knitting or spinning. Fun


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