Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More About Thor

Heard back from an ebay seller in the Netherlands who has both an M1 and M2 Moswolt Hammer currently at auction.  He was kind enough to send me these scans of original brochures from Moswolt, and confirmed that they went out of business long ago.

Based on this, I think Thor is in complete, original condition, except for the drive belt, which would have been polyurethane.  The drive belt he's currently wearing is made of some type of string.  No wonder, considering the original would have been over 30 years old.  Only thing I don't have is the optional distaff, which looks really cool.  Not necessary for functionality, but it sure would be nice to find an original one.

The Hansen MiniSpinner did not like "Kilby" and has announced that her name is Bunny Watson.  I knew she'd cooperate if I threatened to give her the wrong name.  Why Bunny?  Take a look at "The Desk Set" some day.  Perfect example of using technology without taking the human element out of a task.  The Joy and the Koala still have not divulged their names.

While pondering unfinished projects, I realized I have not used my kick spindle in months.  I bought this Mother Marion Wheel they call "Little Meggie" from Heavenly Handspinning a year or so ago.   The base of mine is mahogany and the rest is made of oak - much prettier than it looks in the picture.  I'm not so much on spinning with a drop spindle and I wanted something small I could take in the car or keep in the office for those lunch hours when I need to decompress. 

After doing nothing for months but look at it occasionally, I finally took some time at lunch today and spun a for just ten minutes or so.  I swear it dropped my blood pressure in that short time.  Someone ought to market this as an executive stress-relieving toy.  I've promised myself to spin a few yards at least a couple of times a week.  The fiber is really soft and draws wonderfully.  Has about a 5" staple and requires very little effort to draft.  Wish I could remember what it is and where I got it because I would love to find more after this batch is finished.  I had started a little notebook for samples of all the fiber I have collected, samples of the finished products, and notes on fiber type, source, spinning and finishing methods.  But that only works if you remember to fill it out.  Darn!

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