Fiber Arts Links

Here are some favorite links...  or links I want to explore when I have more time.

Circular Sock Machine
Circular Sock Machine FAQ
Knitting machine manuals on  (includes a directory full of CSM manuals)
Gearhart Knitting Machine Company (a blog by a Gearhart descendant)
Circular Sock Knitting Machine Society (I'm the VP for 2014-2015 - how did this happen?)
Rosie's tension tool (video on using a digital caliper to set tension on CSM)
Victoria Jicha blog (CSM patterns)

The Kangaroo Dyer (I have her book - need to order this color grid)

Studio 66 Retreat (a casual retreat for weavers and spinners in Southern California)

Fiber Prep / Fiber Info
The Ellis Technique (video on dizzing roving off a hackle)
Fiber Arts Bootcamp (article on using a fibre tumbler - I want to make one!)
Identification of textile fibers (requires premium membership to read full article now - drat!)
Spin2Weave on Youtube (video on drawing roving off a drum carder)
Under the Choko Tree (how to make a simple cotton gin)
woolfest (article on grading and sorting fleece)

TessKnits (article about joining yarn)

Knitting Machines
About Knitting Machines (article on pattern making, magic formula - this site also has a lot of historical and technical info as well as patterns)
Britlady's library on Photobucket (loads of patterns, manuals, and instructions)
Diana Natters On (basic lessons on machine knitting -- I need to do these!)
How to wind yarn onto a cone for machine knitting (video)
Knit it Now (a source for all things machine knitting)
Knitting machine manuals on
Looser latch tool cast on and bind off (good video on this technique)
Roni Knutson's Studio/Silver Reed... Machine knitting page (great source for info about these machines, including manuals.  Links to many useful sites as well)

Rope Making
40 things you never knew you could do with rope
Rope crafting on Squidoo
Rope Maker's Bible (history of various rope making machines)
Rope mats from Animated Knots website (animations show how to form knots for several styles of mats)
Internet Archive search on spinning fiber (spinning alone results in irrelevant links)
Kara Hobbs' Pinterest page on spinning (gorgeous spinning wheels!)
The Spinning Wheel Sleuth (a newsletter about wheels and related items - loads of historical info)

Bradshaw Cordmaker
Funhouse Fibers (Miki and I belong to the same spinning guild and she's also a great teacher)
Gilmore Looms parts pricing (need to get a new cloth beam advance lever)
Kris Krafter (knitting machine accessories - garter bars, needle stoppers, etc.)
Newton's Yarn Country (where I take machine knitting lessons and buy loads of yarn)
Spinners,  Weavers & Knitters Housecleaning Pages 
Spinning Wheels on Craigslist (search of all localities!)
Rocking Horse Farm (knitting machine punchcards by The Knittery)
The Knit Tree (lycra for CSM)
The Painted Tiger (I've bought some beautiful roving from them)
World of Wool (a U.K. source with good prices and shipping rates to the U.S. - this is where I found my Manx Loaghtan)
Yellow River Station (CSM newsletter, patterns)

Boundweave spinning wheel pattern
Gilmore Looms historical information (I have one of their x-frame jack looms)
Internet Archive search on weaving (hundreds of books and articles)
Kiss Me! I'm Irish (weaving dishtowels with Celtic knotwork - something I need to try one of these days)
Online Digital Archive (documents on weaving and related topics)

Note:  I'm organizing all my crafting links from various computers so this is a work in progress.  All links from 4jw... have been imported.  Need to look at browser history for interesting sites I never bookmarked.

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