Sunday, April 15, 2012

Love at First Sight

I don't usually hold with naming inanimate objects.  Well, except for my first car, a 1970 Ford Maverick.  He was called Otis, for a reason I don't care to discuss, and I thought he was the next best thing to sliced bread.  But yesterday morning, while browsing forums on Ravelry, I saw a post headed "FS: Moswolt Hammer Wheel."  Well, wouldn't you need to know what a Moswolt Hammer is?

 I opened the post, and this wheel shouted "My name is Thor, and you need me!"  OK, maybe he didn't actually say it, maybe it was more of a mind meld thing, but I got the message.  Sent the seller, who turned out to be a really nice lady named Judy, a message right away, and that was it.  I'm not sure it would have even mattered if the wheel was functional - it was just so cool I couldn't resist.



Went down to Garden Grove to meet Judy and retrieve Thor.  Spent the afternoon giving him a couple of coats of paste wax and buffing, and he's now ruggedly handsome.  He has a built-in yarn winder and came with a tilted lazy kate and three bobbins.  Judy also threw in a pair of hand cards that came with Thor when she bought him (a late-night ebay purchase).  I haven't seen cards this coarse -- maybe they're for carding yeti fur.


 I've been looking for information on this wheel all weekend.  It apparently was manufactured in the late 1970s for just a short time.  An ebay seller from the Netherlands had one just like it, calling it model M1.  They also have a Moswolt Hammer M2, which doesn't have the cool hammers - it has a  four-piece wheel and is nowhere near as appealing as the M1.  Seller says that Moswolt stopped building spinning wheels in the early 1980s.  Bobbins are huge -- seller says they will hold 9-10 ounces of fiber.

Moswalt Hammer M2

Other than a reputation for a very strong draw, I can find very little else (in English, German, or Dutch) about Moswolt wheels.  I did email the seller - hoping he may have more info or be willing to sell me a copy of the documentation that comes with the new M2 he is selling. 

In other news,  I finished washing the first alpaca fleece this weekend -- turned out to be 2 lb 2 oz - a bit more than the seller had advertised.  Smart lady -- she has certainly earned my good will.  Yesterday I had a chance to card some of it on an electric drum carder.  Wow!  a)  These things are really cool and b) now I understand why people charge so much for their fiber batts.  To get any volume of production you need heavy duty equipment which is not cheap, and it takes a lot of time to make a batt.  Don't think I'll ever raise my eyebrow at the price of a batt again.   I came home with these lovelies:

2.85 oz. done, 31.15 oz. to go.  Gulp.

IEHG West (a subgroup of the Inland Empire Handweavers Guild) met yesterday afternoon.  Just a handful of us this time, but I always enjoy the chance to see what everyone is working on and have a good visit.

I also put a couple of coats of satin polyurethane on the wool picker tonight -- it came unfinished and seems a shame not to give it some protection.

Highlight of the weekend, though, was having one of my sisters and her daughter as our houseguests. They had business to take care of so we didn't get a lot of time together, but I'll take what I can get.

Now that I have Thor, the MiniSpinner, the  Joy, and the Koala are not going to leave me alone until they get names of their own.    

Postscript 4/16/12:  Thinking about Kilby for the MiniSpinner.  Jack Kilby was the inventor of the miniaturized electronic circuit.  Seems appropriate for an eSpinner to be named after an innovator without whom it might not exist.


  1. I have one which has a solid 4 piece with overlay diamond wheel. Mine does not have the yarn winder or any extra bobbins.

    would really love to get extra bobbins, if you have a source.

    The flyer has wooden pegs which are worn about halfway through. I spin laceweight, and this wheel hates noils and other trash.

    Oh yes, she has a name, Teena, for the person I got her from.

    1. Hooray - my first comment! Sorry it's taken so long to publish. The last few weeks have been pretty hectic as I will be explaining in my next blog post.

      I see your wheel occasionally on ebay - it's pretty cool as well. I don't have a source for bobbins - you might have a look at the antique wheels group on . Occasionally someone there mentions people who make replacement parts for wheels.

      I still don't spin on Thor. He's pretty rough and tumble, and likes to snatch the yarn out of my hand before I'm ready. But I do love to ply with him. The bobbins hold so much yarn and the tension is not as hard to manage.


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